Terms & Conditions

Users of the USETPA portal agree that all deals resulting in all or part from a quote on the portal will be registered with the USETPA either through uploading a PO/Bid Acceptance letter on the portal or by sending a copy of a PO to info@usetpa.com.  Vendors futher agree to report all sales on their quarterly sales report which is to be delivered to reports@cpadv.info. Failure to abide by this policy will result in the denial of access to the portal and/or action to recover monetary damages.


Only deals which have been registered with the USETPA will be certfied as complying with the terms of our competitively bid RFPs.  All deals are subject to the terms and conditions of the appropriate USETPA RFP.  A list of current RFPs may be found at http://www.usetpa.org/rfps.html .  Buyers are responsible for ensuring that the terms and conditions of RFPs are fully compliant with individual state and local purchasing laws.


All contracts resulting from a qoute on this portal are directly between the user and the vendor.  The USETPA is in no way a party to the resulting agreement and does not warrant any product, service or payment.