How USETPA Works

The USETPA has created a reverse auction site for the use of K-12 schools, Libraries, Local Government Entities, Community Colleges, and nonprofit groups. This allows users to request proposals from USETPA approved vendors and select the proposal that offers the best value. This informal RFP allows users to negotiate the best value deal without the constraints of the formal RFP process.

All venders have responded to a USETPA RFP and have been awarded a USETPA convenience contract. This ensures that they have met state and local requirements for competitive bidding and foregoes the need for a formal RFP. Further, it ensures that the buyer is getting discounts that are reflective of the cooperative purchasing power of the association.

Buyers may request quotes from USETPA approved vendors sorted by a number of different criteria including; product, user location, vendor location, E-Rate registered, Women/Minority Owned, Certified Small Business, or by a saved list of preferred vendors. Buyers are then able to negotiate the customized option that best supports their needs. All responses will be archived for 10 years to ensure compliance with data retrieval rules and regulations.

There is no cost or obligation for the buyer to use the system. All you need to do is create an account and then request quotes for any listed products or services. You may also contact the USETPA at 919.391.9558 to obtain quotes offline or you may contact vendors directly and ask for USETPA pricing. Please remember that in order for the USETPA to validate any offline purchases as being compliant with competitive bidding rules and regulations, a copy of the PO must be sent to . All bids accepted online will automatically be validated.

As with all USETPA contracts, users may be eligible to use the USETPA Form 470 to streamline the E-Rate process. An online bidding matrix has been provided to use as a mini-bid for E-Rate purposes. Information on the USETPA 470 may be found here .

Please contact the USETPA at or 919.391.9558 for any questions or assistance. We look forward to helping your organization simplify to purchasing process.